'Purraran' Tristan Kerr 2018, 50x5Metres, For Stonnington Council, Prahran Vic

I was commissioned by Stonnington Council to replace a fading @rekorennie piece on King Street, Prahran VIC. In planning this large-scale work, I considered how best to celebrate Rennie as an iconic Australian Aboriginal artist, as well as the rich cultural diversity of the area. As many members of the public may not be aware that Prahran takes its name from a compound of two Aboriginal words—‘Pur-ra-ran,’ meaning ‘land partially surrounded by water’—as an ally in the Aboriginal struggle, I chose this as the focus for the work. I feel that the gesture of making visible the less commonly known Indigenous heritage of Prahran’s name raises awareness of the Kulin Nation and a strong Aboriginal presence in Prahran for time immemorial. The other text that appears in the mural, ‘lands, lives and liberties,’ is taken from the manifesto (WAR), and speaks of the importance of the revival of Aboriginal freedom, as well as the protection of traditions, on Kulin country. ‘Lands, lives and liberties’ also speaks to the greater cultural diversity of Prahran, as the present population is extremely multicultural, and many voices form the rich tapestry of the area.

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